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Specializing in wholesale dried mushrooms, frozen porcini, truffle oil, vanilla beans, truffles, spices, extract, and more.


Clover Specialties Mushroom Supplier

Welcome to Clover Specialties, your trusted wholesale mushroom supplier and importer, processor and distributor of gourmet and industrial food ingredients.

Our extensive range of products includes high-quality dried mushrooms, frozen porcini, and exquisite truffle oils, making us a comprehensive mushroom distributor and wide-ranging food ingredient supplier. Immerse yourself in the world of flavors with our aromatic spices, including Espelette Chili Powder and carefully sourced peppercorns. Indulge in the luxury of truffle-infused delights, including Truffle Salt and Truffle Oils.

We offer premium vanilla beans from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, available in organic and conventional, conveniently packed in one-pound, eight-ounce, four-ounce pouches and also in bulk. Explore our range of other vanilla products including extracts, pastes, purees, pure ground vanilla beans, and vanilla powder. Discover our line of pure, cold pressed nut oils such as walnut oil and pistachio oil; and extracts such as almond extract, lemon extract, maple extract, and coffee extract.

As your mushroom supplier, we offer quality products in convenient one-pound pouches for food service or bulk by the case, pallet, or container for the convenience of mushroom wholesale options. Whether you’re a distributor or an industrial user, Clover Specialties is the food ingredient supplier to meet your needs. Our food facility is third-party audit certified to GFSI Standards consistently scoring higher than 90% every year.

Our inventory of gourmet and industrial food ingredients is available for immediate delivery or pick up. We can arrange ground or expedited shipments using UPS, FedEx, or various third-party LTL or FTL carriers, giving you transit times and cost options. As your dedicated industrial food ingredient and bulk mushroom supplier, trust us to provide the finest products and service with our premium dried mushrooms, truffle oils, vanilla beans, spices, extracts, and more.

Explore our range of premium vanillas, from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea, available in various forms, including Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Powder with a dextrose corn-base. Enhance your recipes with the rich and nutty flavors of our nut oils, such as Walnut Oil, and elevate your baked goods with the essence of our Almond Extract.

As your go-to mushroom distributor, we offer not only quality products but also the convenience of mushroom wholesale options. Whether you’re a chef, culinary enthusiast, or part of the food industry, Clover Specialties is here to meet your needs with precision and reliability.

Explore our inventory and discover the world of gourmet and industrial food ingredients with our premium dried mushrooms, truffle oils, vanilla beans, spices, extracts, and more. Trust us to be your dedicated industrial food ingredient and mushroom supplier, providing the finest products and service in the industry.

Our Customers

We supply distributors, manufacturers, and producers all over the United States and Canada.

Our Products

We have an inventory of dried mushrooms, frozen porcini, truffles, oils, extracts, spices, and more for immediate delivery.

Nationwide Food Ingredient and Mushroom Distributor

We ship ground or expedited services with UPS. For larger loads, we use reliable LTL/FTL carriers for dry or frozen shipments.


Mushroom Wholesaler

We have in stock wild harvested and cultivated mushrooms for the culinary or nutraceutical industry. Try one of our mushroom powders, in-house dried mushroom blends or create your own.

Truffle Oils, Nut Oils, Olive Oils

We offer truffle oils, pure cold pressed nut oils and other flavored oils in a variety of sizes: from 50 ml bottles to 3-liter tins and 5-liter jugs.


From colorful peppercorns (pink, green Szechuan, Timut), to culinary lavender, herb de provence, sea salts and saffron, we offer a wide variety from around the world.


Select from truffles in peelings or whole and a variety of truffle condiments such as honey, sauce, and tapenade.


Offering Bourbon Madagascar and Tahitensis vanilla beans to pure vanilla pastes and extracts, we have a variety of vanilla products for immediate shipment.

Vanilla Extracts, Almond Extracts, Coffee Extracts

We offer a variety extracts and flavors for the baking industry. Choose almond extract, coffee extract, vanilla extract, and other flavors in quart or gallon jugs.

Quality & Service Since 1996

Your customers want and deserve the best.


Our products and facilities are certified by their respective organizations.

Clover Specialties extends an exclusive invitation to distributors, manufacturers, and producers seeking unparalleled ingredients for their culinary ventures. Explore a world of premium offerings, including a diverse range of mushrooms like Bolet Mushroom (Dried Suillius Luteus from Peru), and Champignon Mushroom (Dried Agaricus Bisporus from China and the USA). Elevate your creations with unique textures from Chantelle Mushroom (Dried Cantharellus Cibarius, sourced from Bulgaria and the USA), or Cloud Ear Mushroom (Dried, Whole Auricularia Auricula from China).

Discover the rich umami of Oyster Mushroom (Dried Pleurotus Ostreatus), currently available from China. Immerse yourself in the luxury of truffle-infused delights, including Truffle Oil and Truffle Salt. Tailor your blends with precision using Mushroom Blend Custom, Dried, or explore ready-mixed selections like Mushroom Blend House, Dried, featuring our house blends: Mix Premium, Mix Pacific, Mix Gold, and more. Anticipate the holistic benefits of organic turkey tail mushrooms, organic Reishi mushrooms, Organic Chaga mushrooms, Organic Lion’s Mane mushrooms, and Organic Cordyceps mushrooms.

Indulge in a diverse range of ingredients, from flavorful Espelette Chili Powder to carefully sourced peppercorns, saffron, truffle products, nut oils like Walnut Oil, and the essence of Almond Extract. Explore the depth of Porcini Mushroom offerings, including Porcini Mushroom Dried Pieces, Organic from Germany, Porcini Mushroom Frozen from China, France, Bulgaria, and Porcini Mushroom Powder Organic crafted with precision in Germany. Enrich your recipes with the vibrant hues and exquisite flavor of Saffron Powder.

At Clover Specialties, we are committed to providing exceptional ingredients that meet the discerning standards of distributors, manufacturers, and producers. Elevate your production capabilities and captivate the palates of your consumers with our superior-quality offerings.